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King of the Motos 2012 JARVIS WINS 10K


The race that Jimmy has been working on for the last three months now has come to fruition. On Thursday February 9th the King of the Motos race went off and was a successful event with 21 racers and 6 finishers. Gram Jarvis won overall and took home 10K, Kyle Redmond 2nd and Destry Abbott…



Jimmy couldn’t resist and signed up for the 40+ class and later in the Team Race with Cole Townsend from Fasst Co. “Since I knew how good the course was I had to go and ride it! I don’t really race much and I feel like I ride more than actually race but I had…

Mountain Bike Racing: Keyesville Classic


I’m not that good on a mountain bike nor am I in any kind of the shape I should be to be trying to race one. But that didn’t stop me from riding the Keyesville Classic with a bunch of friends who are way better at this than I am. I rode 40-49 Sport and…

Sno-Bike Racing In Idaho


Jimmy will be up with the Dirt Rider Magazine crew to McCall, Idaho on January 29th to race the Flashpoint event.

2008 BMW GS Trophy Tunisia – Dirt Rider


Jimmy has posted a blog about the Tunisia GS Trophy over at Dirt Rider. Read the Blog…

War Stars


Jimmy returned home last night (Oct 26th) and said that the event went well. There was lots of sand, and they rode the set of “War Stars”. This is Star Wars for most of us, but the event staff changed the order in their translation. Jimmy will probably be posting a blog somewhere or an…

Tunisia for a ride on the NEW F800 GS


Recently Jimmy headed to Tunisia for the GS Trophy. We did not know much about the event and still don’t. Jimmy was told on a Tuesday that he would be leaving on that Sunday at 4:00 pm. He was only given a list of things to bring. So off to REI we went for some…