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Our world class curriculum is now available online! For $39.99, you will receive access to over 20 videos that are designed to take anyone from never touching a motorcycle, to being able to ride one safely. The 10 lessons and 10 drills in this video series will introduce you to proper balance, body position, and use of the controls when riding a dirt bike, dual-purpose or adventure bike.

Ditch The First Ride Crash

At the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School, we believe that riding is for everyone. That is why our first video series is designed for those who have never touched a dirt or adventure bike. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ride off-road, or you are looking for safe drills to teach someone, this is the video series for you. No matter your age, gender, or background, we want to share the sport we love!

More than just a video series

Our Learn to Ride Course is not just videos, it is a true online course featuring videos, progress bars, drill steps, and written overviews of what is said in the videos. This truly is the safest, and most comprehensive way to learn how to ride without ending up on a crash compilation on YouTube.