We have the most well-rounded coaching staff in the business. Our team has experience in all aspects of riding and are hand chosen for their unique abilities both on and off the motorcycle.

“Crazy” Nate Sciacqua:

Nate was racing motorcycles before the Earth cooled and has the stories to prove it. He raced all kinds of events but was mostly known for scrambles or motocross in California. His most famous win may have been at the Greenhorn Enduro, where he didn’t know how to time-keep and was not smart enough to quit. Now Nate drives our chase truck, and you do not want to have to ride in it!


Jaynie is our chief chili chef. But you will get to know her as she handles our online registration for our various schools. She is that friendly voice that calls you back because our online registration form was difficult! Jaynie recently retired from Romero’s Mexican Restaurant as the friendliest and best bartender in Pahrump. She has this uncanny way of remembering every patron’s name when they walk into the bar, now she tries that with students. She provides a warm hug to everyone and sincerely befriends you with her whole heart. The motorcycle family is extensive, and everyone you meet who rides has your back. Jaynie, who rides a Harley, wanted to be a part of this big family of great people, even if they ride dirt bikes. Jaynie is not just Jimmy’s tequila-tasting buddy but an integral part of our excellent staff to help make your experience fun, safe, and successful.

“Big” John Perkins:

John is our local lumberjack of a rider who will ride and race anything. He has been one of our most valuable coaches and has coached with us for a long time. Coming from a background of martial arts, he believes in discipline and practicing correctly. John is a very aware as a rider, and a kind-hearted coach. He will watch what you are doing and figure out what needs to be addressed, all the while, making it a fun experience. His bikes of choice seem to hover around 200cc and value out at about $600 unless he is on his new Honda CRF450X or Husky 300 Rockstar Edition.

Matt Mattoon:

Matt is currently going to school in Reno Nevada for a Bachelors degree in Physic. Riding since he was twelve and helping with the riding school since I was fourteen, the lack of motorcycles has been tragic. Matt fills the dirt bike void with other activities such as hiking, downhill mountain bike riding, and rock climbing.

Grant Morton:

Grant Morton is studying to be a firefighter who’s been riding dirt bikes since the day he could walk. Grants personal bike when he’s not teaching classes is his Yamaha YZ125 that has gone from a cardboard box of parts to doing multiple long distance desert races and enduros. He will argue that it is the best bike ever made. Grant is also an avid mountain biker who races competitively and likes to take the economic route while traveling to races by sleeping in the bed of his truck.


Jorge Jestes:

Jorge’s introduction to motorcycles began at an early age dirt riding in the farm lands of Northern California. He transitioned to Harley’s in the late ’80’s and often rode to biker rallies for 20+ years. Then the popularity of GPS devices led Jorge back to the dirt exploring roads across the US, up into Alaska, down to Mexico, and in Europe. Professionally Jorge was fortunate to make a living riding motorcycles as a Motor Officer, but he was never a racer.  Yet, after retirement, he was awarded his first gold medal in the old guy category of The Police Officers Olympics Motorcycle GP. It should be noted, he was the only entrant in his class.

Prior to attending Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Jorge modified his bikes to match his short legs. Jimmy’s schooling gave him the confidence and ability to ride various types of bikes without a lowering modification. He is a recreational trail rider who understands that riding is a perishable skill. His collection includes motorcycles ranging from Vespas to Harley’s but his current favorite is the KTM 790 Adventure.



Jim Bartell:

Jim is a New York Native who escaped to the desert. As a crane operator he was meticulous with understanding instructions and procedures in a no BS kind of way. So after taking our school a few times we had to draft him into coaching as he improved so much and understands the process. He likely rides as much as Jimmy around his new home in St. George, Utah on a variety of KTMs.

Logan Tyler:

Logan is one of our young guns of teaching. Taking the path of starting at the ground level (picking up bikes and then washing the dirty ones) he is growing into an excellent coach for a man of so few words. Trust us, if he says something, it is usually pretty important for you to listen, even if he is just a kid.