Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School

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Series One Class (our most popular class)

Our Series One Class is something every off-road or dual purpose rider, regardless of skill level, can take and sharpen their riding ability. Our drills and demonstrations are custom tailored for learning on all types of bikes but we target this class for riders intending to improve their skill level. Especially riders on large displacement adventure bikes, even if they are training on a smaller bike. Each drill has an infinite level of difficulty, from mild to wild, and will help lift the rider’s skill level from the first demonstration. We are teaching the rider– our skills work regardless of the bike you are riding off-road. We believe you will learn more on a smaller and lighter bike even if your intended goal is to become more proficient on the large adventure bike. Are you wondering where our “Series Two” or “Advanced” class is? We don’t have one. Since we are a riding school and not a multi-level marketing operation we challenge you to show us you’ve mastered this class. We have many riders who come back year after year and learn and improve each time because this class is more advanced than anyone else’s advanced training. Ask anyone who has taken the class to find out.

Dirt Bike Skills

(nearly the same as Series One Class, limited to smaller bikes)

Designed for competition based dirt bikes and dual purpose bikes, our class focuses on the rider’s control of the motorcycle and fine tunes every aspect of riding. Working off the theory that it is the very basic skills that are preventing better riding, even at a high level, our drills and demonstrations show you how the motorcycle is controlled through the throttle, brakes, clutch and balance rather than brute strength and stamina. We fine tune aspects of riding you may have never even considered and it allows you to ride more efficiently and concentrate on what is in front of you instead of on what you are doing. We mix different types of bikes in most classes but this one is limited to smaller off-road bikes only.

Racing Class

Racing is a whole different level of riding and being race ready can make it a lot more fun. As well as bringing home a lot more trophies! Jimmy Lewis has a long and varied resume of championships and race victories and it wasn’t by mistake. Having won on bikes as varied as 100-horsepower twin-cylinder rally bikes in the Paris to Dakar Rally to twelve-horsepower 80cc four-stroke machines on a backyard supercross track, in events all over the world, there was a method to his success. In the racing class that is broken down into steps for progress. From the often overlooked mental game, to bike preparation, and finally to the on the bike skills you’ll need to practice to get the most out of your racing program, this one-day course will open your mind to a whole new level of performance. We do not teach this class often but if you are interested get a group or your club together and we can help you out.

Agency/Group/Club Training

JLR Off-Road Training can dial in a specialized course for your needs. Whether it is a off-road motorcycle club looking for a group class for its members, or an agency that needs off-road vehicle safety training, we have the expertise to fit your needs. We focus on safety and our drills and skills can increase rider/driver proficiency no matter the starting skill level. Training can take place at our location in Pahrump, Nevada or we can travel to your location if our schedule allows.