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Here is a list of products and companies that JLR Off-Road uses and endorses. In business for over 10-years now we have a vast knowledge of high quality and great value when it comes to motorcycle products.

Often you may not be aware of some of these companies or products or you may not know how they perform compared to what you are currently using (or if they are even right for you.) Don’t hesitate to ask us about them as we have plenty of experience and will give you a straight answer. We know the value of reliable information and only work with companies that understand our commitment to educating riders the best we can.

Kenda Tires

Kenda makes a very good adventure bike knobby, the Big Block and one of the best DOT Knobbies for smaller bikes in the Parker DT. We use them on our fleet and they come highly recommended. The Big Block has the amazing quality of being the best tire we have ever used for the washboarded roads—it does the job the suspension can’t and smooths out the ride. Most of Kenda’s knobby tires are DOT approved which makes them legal on your dual-purpose bike without sacrificing off-road performance one bit. We typically run the Parker DT out west as it’s directional hard/intermediate choice allows us to get the most bite in any condition, especially under braking. Plus the durability and flat protection is among the best.

Sidi Boots through Motonation

Top quality Sidi boots Jimmy’s personal favorites. The Crossfire is known for the high level of protection and the comfort afforded through the hinge design. They are some of the easiest boots to get into with a buckle design that often copied but yet to be duplicated and very adjustable for the most custom fit imaginable. Ankle and toe protection is the best we’ve seen and experienced with durability that is way above average (Jimmy can wear out a pair of lesser boots in under a month at the ankles.) Sidi’s less aggressive Adventure boot is waterproof and extremely comfortable for those multi-day rides with lots of on and off the bike.

Scotts Performance

Scotts Performance is world famous for the gold standard of steering dampers. It is the best due to the amazing adjustability and the high performance it provides. Scott’s dampers are on most of our class and personal bikes and we haven’t met a bike that didn’t benefit from the damper. There are a few huge differences between a Scott’s damper and the competition and it does not take much for a rider wanting a properly set up damper to realize them. Scotts also makes Stainless Steel Reusable Oil Filters and Billet Aluminum Shark Fin Rear Disc Guards that are top notch and are on many of our class and personal bikes.

Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

One of the secrets to the amount of riding Jimmy does, even with bad wrists, is the Flexx handlebar. The unique design puts suspension into a pivoting handlebar to take the shock out of the hits a bike takes. They even make bad forks feel like they work better and add an extra layer of safety on those punishing sharp edged bumps. The amount of flex is adjustable with different elastomers and the bar angle tunable allowing even more customization to your rider compartment. Your hands and wrists will love you for running these bars.

Shorai Batteries

Lithium Batteries are a great way to drop weight and have more cranking power for your motorcycle. We abuse our batteries with all the starting and stopping in the class and Shorai Batteries have held up to the challenge, even on the coldest days! There is no easier way to drop a few highly placed pounds off your bike. Plus they last longer than lead-acid batteries justifying the price.

Kate's Real Food

When was the last time you tasted the best thing ever? Want that feeling again? Well you can have that taste sensation any time you want or maybe just when you need it in the middle of a ride with a Kate’s Bar. Made from good natural stuff, organic at that, these may be the tastiest treats you’ll ever consume and the bonus is that they travel as good as any edible substance we’ve ever take on the trail. Each bar is like a meal in itself and we cannot say enough about how good any of the fabulous flavors taste!

Doubletake Mirror

The best dual-purpose/adventure mirror we've ever used for a lot of reasons. First, it actually works in letting you see what's behind you as the mirror vibrates minimally and is easily adjustable to the right position. Then it can simply be moved out of the way. Through the use of the RAM mounts the positioning is limitless. And the mirror can be removed in seconds with the remaining ball mount useful for attaching other farkles to your machine!


Klim makes the best technical off-road and adventure gear out there. It is functional and durable so it fits right in with our excessive riding schedule. There are gear setups and choices for every type of riding. Klim has the layering down to make you comfortable and protected while feeling free and mobile.

Trail Tech

Trail Tech makes a wide variety of off-road products, from GPS units and computers to headlights and hard parts. They are very tech oriented and you’ll see all kinds of items on Jimmy’s personal bikes. The Voyager GPS unit is one of the best for following trails and logging tracks as well as tracking a lot of information from your motorcycle.

Black Dog Cycle Works

Black Dog Cycle Works makes the most bombproof protective products and some other cool bits for adventure touring bikes. Jimmy tends to not do stupid or out of control things on his adventure bikes but when he does (usually during demonstrations) he makes sure to have BDCW protection keeping things safe.

DDC Drive Components

DDC makes some of the best sprockets a motorcyclist can rely on. They are cut from Chromoly steel then ground to precision and chrome plated. They basically last forever even though they are light and strong. Plus DDC supports grass roots land use and local events and racers, all good in our book!