Here here is a list of products and companies that JLR Off-Road uses and endorses. In business for over 20-years now we have a vast knowledge of high quality and great value when it comes to motorcycle products.

Often you may not be aware of some of these companies or products or you may not know how they perform compared to what you are currently using (or if they are even right for you.) Don’t hesitate to ask us about them as we have plenty of experience and will give you a straight answer. We know the value of reliable information and only work with companies that understand our commitment to educating riders the best we can.


Klim makes the best technical off-road and adventure gear out there. It is functional and durable so it fits right in with our excessive riding schedule. They have gear setups and choices for every type of riding and technical pieces that transfer over into daily wear. Some of it you can’t see,  Klim has the layering down to make you comfortable and protected while feeling free and mobile. 



Kenda Tires:

Kenda makes a very good big bike knobby, the Big Block and one of the best DOT Knobbies for smaller bikes in the Parker DT and Equlibrium. We use them on our bikes and they come highly recommended.

Sidi Boots/Vemar Helmets through Motonation

Top quality Sidi boots and Vemar helmets are from imported to the US by Motonation. Sidi’s are Jimmy’s personal favorites for the high level of protection and the comfort afforded through the hinge design. The Vemar helmets are DOT and ECE approved and one of the lightest dirt helmets available, as well as one of the all-around safest based on a very demanding laboratory test.

Scotts Performance

Scotts Performance is world famous for the gold standard of steering dampers. They are the best due to the amazing adjustability and the high performance they provide. Scotts dampers are on most of our class and personal bikes and we haven’t met a bike that didn’t benefit from the damper. Additionally Scotts makes Stainless Steel Reusable Oil Filters and Billet Aluminum Shark Fin Rear Disc Guards that are top notch.

Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

One of the secrets to the amount of riding Jimmy does, even with bad wrists, is the Flexx handlebar. The unique design puts suspension into a pivoting bar to take the shock out of the hits a bike takes. They make bad forks feel like they work better and add an extra layer of safety on those punishing bumps.

Doubletake Mirror

The best dual-purpose/adventure mirror we’ve ever used for a lot of reasons. First, it actually works in letting you see what’s behind you as the mirror vibrates minimally and is easily adjustable to the right position. Then it can simply be moved out of the way. Through the use of the RAM mounts the positioning is limitless. And the mirror can be removed in seconds with the remaining ball mount useful for attaching other farkles to your machine!

Trail Tech

Trail Tech makes a variety of technical off-road products from headlights to kickstands and some of the best gadgets for you bike like the Voyager GPS unit. We use everything from hour-meters to track the time on our bikes to the improved kickstands that keep our rental bikes propped up. The Voyager Pro is our go-to motorcycle specific GPS that has an innovative Buddy Tracking system for multiple riders running the Voyager Pro.


Tugger Motorcycle Lift Straps

Though we’d like to teach you so you never have to lift your motorcycle, we know that will never be possible. But there is a great product that can make this a lot easier. Especially if you take part in any kind of riding you describe as extreme enduro. Tugger straps mount quickly with little or no modifications to the front and the rear of your bike and give you a convenient grab strap to lend a helping hand if needed. We’ve had them on many of our bikes and especially when doing silly things, they were a blessing when needed. The company also makes a very convenient and small packable tow line that is in Jimmy’s backpack for emergencies.

Shorai Batteries

The class’s constant stopping and starting puts a lot of stress on your bike’s battery and we need to be sure our bikes will start. Plus who doesn’t like to easily drop some weight off of your motorcycle. The Shoari Li-Ion battery is a great way to do this in a simple battery replacement. Typically weighing less than half the weight of a current lead acid battery we have had excellent durability and long life, usually double of the lead acid, on our rental and personal bikes with Li-Ion batteries.