Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School

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Profession: Forensic Scientist, Women’s Rider Advocate
Education: Bachelor of Science, Biology: Physiology
Former Jobs: Physical Therapist Assistant
Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, Photography, Swimming, Bicycling, Crafting
Favorite Drink: Soda (But it shouldn’t be!)
Favorite Food: Mexican, Thai, Sushi
Favorite Music: Alternative, anything where I can hear the words.

Heather Lewis has been riding dirt bikes from a very early age. Her family was out in the desert riding and racing every weekend growing up. Starting out on a Honda ATC and graduating to a Kawasaki KDX80, she used the bike to get out away from camp and explore, even when she wasn’t supposed to. She also raced District 37 desert and enduros but found her desire to help other riders and “be nice” cut into any competitive drive she had, so a lack of trophies was not a reflection of skill on the bike. But for fun she has competed all over the United States and in Mexico even winning the treacherous Tecate Hare Scrambles on a particularly difficult course. Always being challenged in skill level from her husband, she is a wealth of knowledge on how to ride efficiently and safely, especially on bikes that are not considered “girl’s bikes.”

Heather Lewis KTM 500

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