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Team Rocco had a successful hunt at the bottom of spooners.

max gerston bike

Max Gerston bike on the hood of team rocco's jeep

Relay…. this is chase 25 looking for our rider…

Relay responds back… Max is stuck somewhere between Spooners and Outer limits.

Chase 25: what’s our recovery options?

After two hours of waiting and talking back and forth with relay. Cole Townsend from Fasst Company had found Max, hitched him a ride to a location where he could be picked up by a group of spectators who responded back to the “weather man” channel “we can pick him up… our hood is already jacked up so we can strap his bike to the hood of the jeep”.  My thoughts, only a hardcore jeep rock crawler would offer to put a bike on the hood of his jeep.  Enter “Team Rocco”, these guys went out of their way to pick up Max and his bike. Jimmy got on the radio and spoke with Team Rocco and their response was.. “no problem it’s like we got a big buck on the hood and were bringing it in”.   It’s people like this who make our sport the best! Thanks TEAM ROCCO!

Max Gerston account from his blog.