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King of the Motos 2012 JARVIS WINS 10K

King of the Motos Rock Pile

The King of the Motos competitors on the Checkers Cove downhill trying to navigate their way down.

The race that Jimmy has been working on for the last three months now has come to fruition. On Thursday February 9th the King of the Motos race went off and was a successful event with 21 racers and 6 finishers. Gram Jarvis won overall and took home 10K, Kyle Redmond 2nd and Destry Abbott 3rd. If you missed it this year check out the posts that I have gathered from various websites and blogs about the race and it’s participants. There are several photo galleries and websites that have covered this event well and we want to share them with you.

Jimmy has always wanted to put on a race that is both challenging and thought provoking. He has competed in many different off-road survivor/extreme events in his racing career and has drawn from those experiences to put together a challenging course where the rider who wins will be the one who kept his bike together and was able to keep himself together as well.

Check out the links below for some great footage and photos.



MAX GERSTON RACE REPORT: Max Gerston gives account of the race and his crazy day.

Offroad.com: Summary of event with photos RACE REPORT 

AWESOME VIDEO OF THE RACE BY Inmotionmx’s : check out their videos.  KOM video