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Riding Tip: Trusting The Torque of the Motorcycle.


  Your motorcycle likely has a lot more torque than you give it credit for having. Most riders constantly explore and test the upper limits of horsepower and RPM, but many have never ventured to the bottom of the power curve, where traction and control really begin. On most bikes, especially newer fuel injected bikes,…

JLR Off-Road in ADV Moto Magazine


  The May/June issue of ADV Moto magazine has a really nice article by Bill Dragoo on our school. He has an interesting take pulling from some of Jimmy’s past racing history and lessons learned about teaching the fine art of motorcycle riding. Bill came to our class quite a while ago so some of…

School’s Out–Were On The Road


We’ve had our last class of the season in Pahrump and now we’re out riding and on the road. Look for us all over the West at events and rides, our schedule is kept current on the web page and through announcements on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jimmy-Lewis-Riding-School/103860759702815 ) Additionally you can see some of Jimmy’s work…

Student Feedback and Testimonials


Here is some great feedback from one of our students: Hi Jimmy and Heather, Today was our first time riding today since back in NY. I was wondering if I would remember any of what we learned at class last month, and the answer is yes! The section of trail in the pic has foiled…

Trail Ride in Pahrump, March 17th, 2013


We are often told that the trail riding around Pahrump is first-class, and it is. And a lot of our students ask why we don’t offer tours? Well, because there are others that do that. Daryll Folks with Trac-On is having a “Marked Organized” ride just outside Pahrump in the foothills above town on Sunday…

AltRider Taste Of Dakar Photos


Here are some links to check out the photos from the 2013 Taste Of Dakar event held in Pahrump, Nevada. AltRider Facebook Page

Riding Tip: The Front Brake


100% of your bikes braking power is in the front brake. Yes, 100% and I mean it. The reason for this idealistic and profound statement is that even if conditions make it difficult to use the front brake fully, riders still need to approach braking with this technique in mind. After all, if you are…

April and May Classes

We’ve set our dates for April and May. April 27 and 28th–Series 1 Off-Road Essentials Class, Open to all bikes and abilities. May 10th and 11th–Series 1 Off-Road Essentials Class, Single-Cylinder and Competition Bikes (no Twin-Cylinder) To keep up on all the news for JLR events, sign up for our newsletter. It also contains riding tips and news about…

January 19 & 20, 2013 is an Advanced Class focused on Sand Riding


We had some last minute changes in the schedule and the January 19 & 20th class is now an advanced class focused on Sand Riding. You should be an intermediate level rider or above and it is limited to single-cylinder bikes. Contact us at jimmy@jimmylewisoffroad.com if you’d like to get in on this rare opportunity. The class will run out…

Riding Tip: Proper Bike Setup


  “Is My Bike Set Up Properly?” That is a tough question. In reality you are the only one who knows the answer. Our expertise and experience at JLR Off-Road can help, but in reality it is us asking you a series of questions to help you understand what will work for you. Making you…