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This is one of the easiest things to teach and talk about but the hardest to do in real life when riding. Why? Bad habits! Most riders learn a very scared or defensive riding technique and never fully learn to be in a comfortable balanced position. Or rely on the tight grip on the handlebars…

Riding Tip–Conquering Uphills


Uphills can be a challenge for a lot of riders when in reality they are not that big of a deal. In fact if you look at the bright side, uphills are easier to slow down on, make the ground easier to touch on one side if you turn the bike and also make it…

Spring 2016 Dates announced!

Here is our 2016 Spring schedule: Jan 9,10 2016 Special Tour Of Idaho Focused Class (single cylinder only) Feb 20,21 2016 Series One Essential Skill Course Mar 19,20 2016 Series One Essential Skill Course April 16,17 2016 Series One Essential Skill Course May 14,15 2016 Series One Essential Skill Course We have rental bikes available…

Fall 2015 Dates Coming Soon!


We’ve been busy trying to settle our schedule for the 2016 Fall Season and we are very close. We will announce the dates first in our Newsletter which is easy to sign up for at the bottom of any page on our web site. The classes have been filling up and the rental bikes sold…

November Newsletter: 2015 dates and a riding tip!


Here is a link to the November Newsletter. It has the 2015 Spring dates and a riding tip on dabbing. http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=a3782cd25748a9ba5b8abd579&id=185893325c&e= Sign up to get these delivered to your email right when they come out!

As Mostly A Street Rider, Is A JLR Off-Road School Right For Me?


One of the questions we’re often asked is, “will learning to ride off-road help my street riding?” The answer is a simple, ABSOLUTELY! Though the biggest difference between the disciplines is traction, it is the lack of traction off-road that teaches you so much about how a bike works and responds to what the rider is…

Summer Newsletter: Fall Dates and a riding tip!


Here is a link to our Summer 2014 Newsletter with our Fall schedule and a riding tip on how to go faster and save energy by riding slower. http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=a3782cd25748a9ba5b8abd579&id=fd36412470&e=8949f5abe2  

March Newsletter: Sand Riding Tips!


 Open March Newsletter in another window Easier to read with more pictures! Upcoming Dates Last Nevada Classes of the Season 2014 March 22,23 Series 1 Essential Skills Course, Pahrump, NV (Class Full) March 28-31 DV Noobs Rally (event sold out) April 5,6 Series 1 Essential Skills Course, Pahrump, NV (Single Cylinder Bikes) May 17,18 Series…

February / March Newsletter: Look Ahead!


JLR’s February / March newsletter is available with our new class dates for April and May plus a riding tip on looking ahead. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page! Class Dates February 15-16 Series 1 Essentials Skills Course, Pahrump, NV (Spots open) February 28-March 2 2014 Alt Rider Taste Of…

Come See The King Of The Motos, Johnston Valley, CA Feb. 1&2


  If you think these videos are fun to watch you should come out to the desert and see it in person. It is like a Burning Man for a Gearhead! If you want to feel like you are really there skip down to the last video for some on-bike POV torture.