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2017 Pahrump To Dakar Registration Now Open

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2017 Pahrump to Dakar Rally Experience – April 7 – 9

Entries are now open for the Pahrump to Dakar Rally Experience.  To secure your spot and ensure you get a roadbook, t-shirt and all the other participant goodies, please read the below information and get your registration and payment in no later than March 31, 2017.  

Link to Registration Form – https://goo.gl/forms/vTwvB9ATZCZafmyc2



Danny LaPorte, Jimmy Lewis and Chris Blais have joined together to bring rally raid fans a Dakar-like experience in the deserts and dunes of Nevada and California.  America’s three top Dakar competitors will teach navigation, tell stories and give you a rally type experience.

This event is open to participants on dirt bikes, dual purpose bikes, adventure bikes, UTVs and even cars.  You will get a chance to navigate rally tracks and learn some of the secrets to successful mapbook navigation and rally racing. The event will base out of JLR Off-Road training in Pahrump, Nevada and bivouac with an overnight stay at a remote location.  Most meals will be catered and an “airplane box” will be transported for riders on motorcycles.

Pahrump To Dakar is a multi-day rally experience where you will get to learn the ins and outs of mapbook-style rally navigation and get to try your hand at some sample stages in a non-speed, non-competitive environment.

Participants will arrive at JLR Off-Road Training Facility Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning where you can unload your vehicle and stage. We will begin both days at 9 AM with a meet and greet and then get into explaining how rally navigation really works (it is not following a GPS!) and some quick tips and tricks to get you started. Participants will then do a very short stage to another training spot where you will learn additional drills that can make or break a rally racer. After that there is another roadbook to our Bivouac in the desert for near African-style Dakar camping, bring your tent and sleeping bag.

Saturday evening we will have a buffet-style catered dinner with a few presentations, stories and just plain bench racing from Dakar Veterans.  There will be a drawing for some cool prizes.

Sunday we will have a short stage to the sand dunes and then some available stages to navigate from easy to difficult. Mid-afternoon those with support can leave from the dunes, participants that choose to head back to Pahrump will do so in caravan style off or on road.






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